Patient Safety & Risk Management / Patient Safety & Risk Management Symposium 2023 / Symposium Agenda

Wednesday, April 19, 2023


    4:30—5:30pm CT Networking & Reception Appetizers and beverages will be provided in the Chancellor Room 2/3

Thursday, April 20, 2023


    7:30—8:45am CT Registration & Breakfast

    8:45—9:00am CT Welcome & Introductions

    • SPEAKERS: David Bouda, MD; JoAnn Bouda; Ryan Bouda; LEAP

      10:15 - 10:30 CT Break

      Did you know that only 3 in 10 people believe their opinion is valued at work? With that in mind, this presentation is designed to explore the art and science of exceptional teams. Research has given us the “ingredients,” or actually chemistry we all need to work as collaborative and effective teams. According to a Harvard study, organizations that demonstrated strong cultures increased profits 756% over 11 years. And an exceptional team is built through a vibrant culture where people feel they can contribute to their fullest potential. This presentation will deliver exceptional knowledge, relatable case studies, and implementable techniques to becoming the effective team we need to be successful. It’s time to reach your medical team's next level of greatness!
  • 12noon—1:00pm CT Lunch
    • SPEAKERS: Susan Sgambati, MD (COPIC, Risk Management) & Daniel Rosenquist, MD (COPIC, Risk Management)
      Years of experience from COPIC’s Risk Management Hotline, staffed by physician risk managers, are distilled into memorable vignettes that illustrate challenges and engage the audience in how to properly respond to important risk management considerations.
    • SPEAKERS: Cindy Walsh, RN, BSN (COPIC, Risk Management), Heather Westermeyer, ADN, BSHM, MHA, CPHRM (COPIC, Risk Management), Jennifer Kerrigan, RN (COPIC, Risk Management)
      An overview of how to recognize situations and formulate a plan of discussion to include the steps for professional disclosure and identify key consideration for managing unexpected outcomes. This presentation will deliver the appropriate verbiage to assist and apply in conversations during disclosure to patient and/or families.
  • 3:15—3:30pm CT Break
    • SPEAKER: Jennifer Comerford, MJ, OTR/L, CHC, HEM (ECRI)
      Burnout is an increasing problem in healthcare—not only in providers but in staff and nonclinical personnel as well. The implications for patient safety are serious, but there are steps that organizations can take to identify burnout and address root causes. Participants will learn to recognize the signs of burnout and its impact on patient safety; identify strategies to prevent and mitigate burnout in medical office staff and resources to support medical office staff wellness at work; and practice strategies for protecting time, creating psychological safety, and prioritizing wellness. Comprehensive resources for addressing burnout at the organizational level will be provided.
4:45—5:00pm CT Closing Remarks

5:00—7:00pm CT Dinner & Networking

Friday, April 21, 2023


    7:30—8:45am CT Registration & Breakfast

    8:45—9:00am CT Welcome & Introductions

    • SPEAKER: Eric Zacharias, MD (COPIC, Risk Management)
      Dealing with children and adolescents can be complex with an array of legal and regulatory issues that impact your role and responsibility as a medical provider. Learn the common areas of confusion when working with minors and how to avoid potential non-compliance.
  • 10:00—10:15am CT Break
    • SPEAKER: Dean McConnell, Esq. (COPIC, Legal)
      HIPAA gives patients broad rights to access and request an amendment of their medical records. With patient portals and the movement toward open records, these issues are popping up regularly. Learn what HIPAA requires you to do and how to avoid the common missteps that can result in substantial costs and burdens on a practice.
  • 12:15—12:30pm CT Closing Remarks
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