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Rewarding those who participate in valuable education activities

The COPIC Points Program was developed to reinforce the insight and awareness that our educational activities offer insureds. Those who participate not only gain practical knowledge, but they also qualify to receive a premium discount.

COPIC's education activities keep medical providers and facilities informed about timely issues and offer practical guidance to reduce risk. Insureds can participate in a variety of ways: in-person seminars, on-demand courses, conferences, and other programs. The topics for these activities are developed based on feedback from the health care community, claims data, and medical trends; examples of focus areas include liability issues with EHRs and social media, managing opioids, and requirements with allied health professionals. Those who participate in the COPIC Points Program contribute to a shared commitment to better outcomes, therefore, we offer a premium discount associated with annual requirements. Today, the program continues to build upon what we have done in the past and expand as a resource for trusted professional education.

*State regulations and legal environments may limit the scope of availability of certain programs.

Ways to Earn COPIC Points

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COPIC Points Program Guidelines:

  • Points are earned during a one-year cycle that runs from November to October.
  • Physician participants need to have a balance of 3 or more COPIC points at year-end in order to receive the Preferred premium discount on their subsequent year’s policy renewal.
  • Physician participants will be able to roll over excess points (max of 6) of those required in a given year and apply these to the subsequent year.
  • Full and part-time medical professionals follow the same point system.
  • New physicians automatically receive the Preferred premium discount, but need to participate in the program during their first full year of being COPIC-insured to maintain the discount for the subsequent year.
  • Advanced practice providers: Eligible participants include Anesthesiology Assistants, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants; only those who are charged an associated premium for coverage with COPIC are eligible to receive the premium discount.
  • Facilities: All facilities insured under COPIC's facility policy form are eligible. Points are earned on the same one-year cycle (Nov.-Oct.), and policyholders can earn up to three points each year to receive a premium discount for the upcoming renewal cycle. There is no roll over provision of excess points from one year to another. Discounts earned are applied toward the premium charged for facility coverage at a policy level only. Discounts do not apply to premium charged for individuals listed on the policy.

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ACCME Accreditation

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Our educational activities offer in-depth knowledge and are developed based on high-quality standards that come with COPIC being accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). We continue to invest in resources to enhance our role as a partner in education..

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