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Preparing medical residents for a career in medicine

Since 2004, COPIC has partnered with medical residency programs to offer this rotation program that provides an inside look at the realities of medical liability issues in health care through an active, case-based format. 

COPIC's Resident Rotation is an educational program that explores the integration of patient safety, communication, systems, disclosure, medicolegal aspects, and the review of in-progress and closed case studies. Participation in this rotation provides residents with knowledge about the factors which can lead to a medical liability lawsuit, as well as the factors which determine defensibility in a lawsuit.

Attendees meet with key staff members at COPIC to gain awareness of how this aspect of health care may impact their medical practice. The goal is to provide a unique, informative experience that promotes transparency in the way a medical professional liability insurance company operates as well as a solid foundation in understanding how they can minimize risks. In addition, COPIC offers other opportunities for residents.
  • Practice Essentials Program—A one-day seminar designed to provide residents with a glimpse into life-after residency. Topics include: assessing practice opportunities, financing and investment basics, contracts, business accounting, medical liability insurance, and rural practice opportunities.
  • COPIC Mock Trial Program—This three-hour program offers an in-depth look at courtroom proceedings during a medical liability trial. Each program presents an enactment of an actual trial, where attendees serve as jury members and put forth a verdict after hearing testimony. COPIC’s Mock Trial programs are designed as an education tool for participants to learn and understand the chain of events from the time a lawsuit is filed.

"This is an amazing experience for residents. No discussion, lecture, or presentation given during residency can replicate going over real cases with real [claims] adjusters and real lawyers. I would recommend that all my peers go through this."

Past Resident Program participant

 Why should residents attend this program?

  • Uniformly positive feedback from past participants.
  • Only program of its kind in the nation—residents study a large number of detailed case files at all stages of the litigation process.
  • There is no cost to attend.
  • Case-based analysis and education with database of specialty specific claims.
  • Helps residents and programs meet ACGME core competencies.
  • Each year, more than 200 residents participate in this program.

Contact for the Resident Rotation: Cathi Pennetta

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