Coverage Options

Coverage Options

Medical Liability Insurance

Our coverage options are designed with the needs of health care professionals in mind. COPIC understands the challenges in health care, and we provide unique solutions for physicians, medical providers, group practices, health care facilities, and hospitals.

Key Services and Programs

COPIC insureds have access to a team of 8+ physicians, in-house attorneys, top defense counsel, specially trained medical professionals, and claims and HR specialists. The following are no-cost benefits included in your coverage.

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COPIC Financial Service Group

COPIC Financial Service Group is a brokerage and consulting firm that focuses on financial services and support for members of the health care community. Our team of experts ensures that your financial plan is in line with your professional career so your personal life can flourish. COPIC Financial Service Group is an insurance brokerage firm representing a variety of insurance carriers. Products offered by COPIC Financial are not issued by COPIC Insurance Company.

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“I will definitely stay with COPIC. They are heads above anyone else with their focus on prevention, keeping costs low, being transparent with costs and being physician-centered."

COPIC-insured physician

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