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Better reasons than ever to do what we do

To improve health care outcomes.

Goal Statement:
Be a catalyst in improving the quality of health care delivery by reducing adverse outcomes and supporting innovation.

The COPIC Medical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that is part of the COPIC family of companies. Since it was formed in 1991, the COPIC Medical Foundation has provided more than $11 million to improving patient care and medical outcomes.


    The idea to create a foundation was championed by Harold “Hal” Williamson, COPIC’s first external non-physician board member. He was passionate about philanthropy and encouraged the COPIC Trust Board of Directors to consider giving back to the Colorado health care community in real and meaningful ways. Today, its efforts extend across multiple states, and it has impacted the lives of many.



Grants currently awarded by the COPIC Medical Foundation focus on reducing fragmentation across care settings. A top concern in the field of patient safety, breakdowns in care from a fragmented health care system can lead to readmissions, missed diagnoses, medication errors, delayed treatment, duplicative testing and procedures, and reduction in quality of care leading to general patient and provider dissatisfaction. For the COPIC Medical Foundation, contributing to a solution to this safety concern means supporting scalable or replicable solutions, focusing on the testing of new ideas or growing existing solutions, and then seeing avenues for larger application.

Grant Funding
The COPIC Medical Foundation (CMF) works to improve health care outcomes through grant funding of:

  • Programs and initiatives that improve patient safety and quality of care through systems changes and improvements;
  • Pilot programs that are designed to reduce medical errors;
  • Development and implementation of checklists and other tools to improve disease management and transitions in care. 

    To be considered for funding, organizations must meet the following minimum criteria:

    • Approach or program has demonstrated potential for uptake or replication by the health care community
    • Organization is designated as a 501(c)(3) organization or has an identified fiduciary

    Focus Area
    For 2024, our grant funding will continue to focus on the issue of reducing fragmentation across care settings.

    Request for Proposals

    Deadlines and Applications
    The COPIC Medical Foundation grant cycle is now closed. We will post information about the 2025 RFP process in early November.

    2024 Grant Recipients

    COPIC Medical Foundation grant recipients are making a difference in a variety of ways. The 2024 cohort of grantees includes three organizations of varied size and scope that impact health care in communities across the country. The COPIC Medical Foundation awarded more than $450,000 in grants.

    Here are the 2024 recipients along with a description of the project for which they were seeking funds:

    Visiting Nurse Association (Nebraska)—Collaborative Multicomponent Care for Elderly Postoperative Recovery and Fall Prevention: A five-organization collaboration addressing post-op care for elderly people with a focus on reduction of fall risks at home, improved circumstances related to social determinants of health, improved physical status, and enhanced well-being.         

    St. Elizabeth Healthcare (Kentucky)—Community Paramedicine Pilot Program: A program that uses paramedics to address inappropriate use of emergency medical services with a goal to reduce health care costs. The project will focus on meeting patients in their home environment and addressing social determinants of health care gaps and engagement in care.

    DaneMAC (Wisconsin)—Expansion of the DaneMAC Multi-Agency Portal (DaneMAP): A new web-based platform through which survivors of sexual violence and post-assault care providers can connect with each other. It provides survivors with immediate, post-assault mental health care and secure, intra-agency communication and coordination among post-assault care providers.

    Grant Recipients

      COPIC Medical Foundation grant recipients are making a difference in a variety of ways. The cohort of grantees include organizations of varied size and scope that impact health care in communities across the country.

      • AIRnyc (New York)—Reducing fragmentation in prenatal and postpartum clinical and social care for high-risk Black and Latinx pregnant persons.

        Metropolitan State University of Denver (Colorado)—EMT and nursing interprofessional education pilot and launch focusing on interprofessional education to reduce fragmentation and improve patient outcomes.

        Healing Hands Community Doula Project (Texas)—Perinatal community health workers to fill gaps in maternal health, improve birth outcomes and lower morbidity and mortality in rural Texas.

        Kansas Health Care Collaborative (Kansas)—Innovative approach to improving care transitions for patients dismissed from a hospital emergency room visit or inpatient stay through use of health information exchange technology and data across the state of Kansas.
      • Bryan Health Connect (Nebraska)—Expand Bamboo Health clinical event notification system to additional locations across Nebraska.

        Children's Hospital Colorado (Colorado)—Rollout and implementation of the ImPACT Navigation Hub in care coordination for complex pediatric patients as they transition to adult care.

        Minnesota Medical Association Foundation (Minnesota)—Project ECHO focuses on the challenge of transitioning youth with medical complexity to adult care in Minnesota.

        Providence Portland Medical Foundation (Oregon)—Providence and the Oregon Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Registry will partner to build a bi-directional interface which integrates Providence's Epic electronic health record with the Registry.

        West Mountain Regional Health Alliance (Colorado)—Community Resource Network West Mountain, a social information exchange platform in western Colorado, will facilitate a care coordination effort to support individuals experiencing homelessness with coordination by hospitals, health and behavioral health providers, community organizations and government agencies.
      • Children’s Health Fund (New York and National)—A review, update, and dissemination of the successful Referral Management Initiative to incorporate new technologies to enhance care coordination procedures for pediatric populations living in under-resourced communities.

        Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation (Colorado)—The ImPACT Navigation Hub: A centralized resource hub to coordinate the transition of young adult patients with pediatric onset conditions to adult care.

        Children’s National Medical Center (Washington, D.C.)—Improving coordination of pediatric mental care after psychiatric hospitalization.

        Kansas Healthcare Collaborative (Kansas)—AlignAllHealth: A collaborative tool that combines all health information technology with highly trained clinical and care management staff to support innovative and data-driven care management processes for high risk patients.

        Mile High Health Alliance (Colorado)—The “Orange Flag” Project: Using historic, predictive and real-time data to inform emergency department personnel of a patient’s high utilization of emergency services to aid in care coordination.
    CMF Board of Directors

    CMF Board of Directors

    • Sophia Meharena, D.O., FAAP
      Board Chair—General Pediatrics—Aurora, CO

    • Romana Hasnain-Wynia, Ph.D.
      Chief, Academic Affairs and Public Health, Denver Health—Denver, CO

    • Harris Frankel, M.D.
      Neurology—Omaha, NE

    • Rebecca Vogel, M.D.
      General Surgery—Denver, CO

    • Alan Synn, M.D., FACS
      Vascular Surgery—Denver, CO
    • Kelly Joines
      Kelly Joines
      Chief Strategy Officer, Contexture—Denver, CO

    Meredith Hintze

    Executive Director, COPIC Medical Foundation and Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

    Meredith Hintze has been with COPIC since 2019 using her expertise to maximize the impact of the COPIC Medical Foundation in the communities we serve.

    Email:  --------720.858.6060--------