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Better reasons than ever to do what we do

The COPIC Medical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that is part of the COPIC Family of Companies, and it supports health care in three major ways: grant funding, the annual COPIC Humanitarian Award, and scholarships.

Since it was formed in 1991, the COPIC Medical Foundation has provided more than $7 million to improving patient care and medical outcomes. The idea to create a foundation was championed by Harold “Hal” Williamson, COPIC’s first external, non-physician board member. He was passionate about philanthropy and encouraged the COPIC Board of Directors to consider giving back to the health care community in real and meaningful ways. In 1991, the creation of the COPIC Medical Foundation was approved by the Board. Sadly, Hal passed away in 2001, but his spirit lives on in what the Foundation has become over the years. Today, its efforts extend across multiple states, and the initiatives it supports have impacted the lives of many.

Giving Back to Our Communities

Investing into the world around us.

$8,500,000 in grant funding
$600,000 in scholarships
$300,000 in donations to nonprofits through our Humanitarian Award

“The Safety Council is striving to improve patient safety awareness with both resident physicians and staff. We are working on establishing a culture of safety that is continuously learning how to be 100% safe for every patient at every moment of care.”

Dr. Jon Burdick, Chairperson of the St. Joseph Hospital GME Safety Council

Contact for COPIC Medical Foundation: Meredith Hintze