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Welcome to the Legislative Action Center

At COPIC, our mission is to improve medicine in the communities we serve. We are dedicated to providing resources to health care professionals and reinforcing the practice of good medicine. COPIC's legislative advocacy efforts occur at the state level and are done in collaboration with partner organizations. We focus on initiatives that may impact the tort environment, change regulatory oversight, create burdens on health care delivery or reduce access to quality health care delivery.

COPIC's proactive and collaborative approach provides opportunities to engage with legislators and represent the perspectives of health care professionals. Our legislative advocacy includes the following:

  • Monitoring and reviewing proposed legislation - Every year, there are countless bills brought forth that have the potential to impact health care. COPIC reviews introduced bills throughout the legislative session, assessing each for possible unintended consequences impacting patient safety, tort, quality of care and other liability issues.
  • Supporting legislators and building relationships - During the legislative session, legislators are inundated with information on numerous issues. Our goal is to serve as a trusted resource for them, both during session and in the interim, providing facts, research and evidence-based data to assist in their understanding of the medical, legal and economic implications of health related bills.
  • Offering guidance to insureds on complex legislative issues - COPIC's internal teams analyze legislative changes from every angle so we can explain the details and notify insureds of any steps to take. When there are important issues at stake, we also distribute information to the medical community to generate awareness and action.

Thank you for exploring COPIC's Legislative Action Center. Please use the tools on this page to visit our state legislative tracking pages, sign up for COPIC legislative newsletters, search for legislation, and look up your elected officials.

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