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Committed to improving care at all levels

COPIC offers comprehensive coverage and support for acute and non-acute care facilities. From on-site educational programs to guidance in navigating compliance issues, our goal is to allow facilities to focus on what matters most—their patients. 

COPIC understands the challenges health care facilities face and works closely with them to addresses their specific needs. We are recognized for industry-leading patient safety and risk management programs that are overseen by a team of physician risk managers, registered nurses, and other medical professionals who have experience working in a variety of facility settings. Insureds can tap into knowledge from educational seminars, online courses, and programs; many of these opportunities also provide CME and CNE credits upon completion. In addition, on-site reviews examine internal systems and provide guidance on enhancing patient safety and improving risk management.

*State regulations and legal environments may limit the scope of availability of certain programs.

Learn about COPIC's pilot program that connects those who need professional review services with those who can provide them.

COPIC Peer Review Network

“COPIC is proactive in mitigating risk. Education programs are excellent and the contacts I have made with COPIC representatives are very knowledgeable, which helps me when I have questions.”

COPIC-Insured Facility Administrator

What resources to insured facilities have access to?

  • Introductory and re-introductory visits for those clients new to COPIC and new client contacts at existing COPIC insured facilities.
  • Consultation on safety and risk issues.
  • Educational presentations and seminars.
  • ECRI’s Healthcare Risk Control (HRC) for acute facilities, subscription underwritten by COPIC for those facilities that qualify.
  • COPIC Facility e-Newsletter.
  • COPIC’s annual three-day Risk Management and Patient Safety Forum. The Forum includes educational tracts taught by local, state and nationally recognized speakers.
  • Facility Assessment Tool using guidelines from The Joint Commission (TJC) and National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) for hospitals.

Contact for Hospital & Facility Services: Pamela Johnson

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