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Financial Focus

COPIC Financial Service Group's newsletter that covers timely topics about business and personal insurance as well as financial services.

  • Issue 71 November 2023
    Saving for Retirement • Planning for Open Enrollment • Retirement Plan Early Withdrawal Cost • Betterments Explained
    Issue 70 August 2023
    529 Saving Plans • Group Dental Plans • Colorado Auto-IRA or Build Your own • Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing
    Issue 69 May 2023
    What Is Zero-Trust Architecture? • A Look into the Recent Bank Failures • Would Your Business Benefit from a PEO Model?
    Issue 68 February 2023
    New Director Named to COPIC Financial Service Group • Educate Your Workforce About Benefit Offerings • Changes in 2023 to Required Minimum Distributions
  • Issue 67 November 2022
    Your Path to Retirement • Frequently Overlooked Business Liability Risks • Affordable Group Dental Plans • Student Loan Forgiveness 
    Issue 66 August 2022
    Business Benefit from Outsourcing HR Services • Managing Investments During Turbulent Times • The Intersection of Health Care and Ransomware Attacks
    Issue 65 May 2022

    Power of Attorney documents • Disability Insurance: Income Protection for Key Employees • Colorado Auto-IRA Program updates

    Issue 64 February 2022
    Focusing on Clients' Needs • Cyber Vulnerability • Choosing the Right Financial Planner • Factors Behind Increase in Health Insurance 
  • Issue 63 November 2021
    Protecting Your Future Insurability • Designing Wealth-Generating Retirement Plans • Coverage for Employee Lawsuits
    Issue 62 May 2021
    Benefits of Umbrella Policies • Government Covered COBRA Premiums • Mandatory Auto-IRA Program • Email Fraud
    Issue 61 February 2021
    Review Your Data Breach Insurance •  SIMPLE IRA or 401(k) • 2021 IRA and Retirement Plan Limits Explained
  • Issue 60 November 2020
    Coronavirus and Stock Market Concerns •  Workers' Compensation Insurance • Designing Your Retirement Plan
    Issue 59 August 2020
    Minimizing Business Re-opening Risks • Retirement Plan to Meet your Goals • Planning Ahead for Life Insurance Proceeds • COPIC FSG's Collaboration with Delta Dental of Colorado • Impact of Natural Disasters 
    Issue 58 April 2020
    We Are Here for You • 401k Update: COVID-19 + Human Resources• Stay Diligent: Cyber Concerns• FAQs About Insurance Coverage During COVID-19• Global Markets After the Crisis
    Issue 57 February 2020
    Know Your Numbers: 401(k) Contribution and Catch-up Limits Increasing in 2020 • Don't Let 2020 Be a Hindsight Problem: Make Sure You Have Enough Data Breach Insurance Today! • Understanding IRAs • Group Dental Plans Available for Colorado Medical Society Members Through Delta Dental • Are You Thinking About Market Timing? Think Twice.
  • Issue 56 November 2019
    Colorado Dental Association and Colorado Medical Society Announce New Member Benefits • COPIC Financial Service Group Welcomes Brad Radochonski • What's the Ideal Annual Withdrawal Rate? • Take Advantage of a Complete Insurance Review • Can I Refinance My Student Loans?
    Issue 55 August 2019
    How to Save for Retirement and a Child's Education at the Same Time • The Business Benefit of EAPs • Understanding Long-Term Care Riders and Options • 2019 Health Care Data Breach Update  
    Issue 53 May 2019
    Does Your Office have Temperature Reliant Drugs, Vaccines, or Injectables? • Caregiving Stressors and Solutions • Does Your Practice Offer Life and Disability Insurance as a Group Benefit? • 5 Financial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    Issue 52 February 2019
    6 Tips for Handling Market Volatility • New Report Shows Trends for Cost of Health Insurance in Colorado • What Every Woman Should Know About Long-Term Care • When was the Last Time You Reviewed Your BOP and WC Policies?