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Our mission is to improve medicine in the communities we serve. 

COPIC is a medical professional liability insurance provider and recognized as a leader in patient safety and risk management. Founded in 1981 by Colorado physicians, the COPIC family of companies consists of:


From the beginning, the company embraced ideals to ensure a stable medical liability environment, utilize a physician-directed approach, and put the interests of improving health care first. Over the years, COPIC’s commitment to improving medical outcomes has included substantial investments in education, risk management programs, patient safety initiatives, and other resources. Our goal is to support medical professionals who face ever-changing challenges and help them deliver the best patient care possible.

Supportive, Responsive, and Stable


2,000+ Providers reviewed annually as part of our On-Site Reviews 23,000+ Inquiries from insureds handled each year
A rating COPIC has maintained an "A" (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best for 18+ consecutive years

“We are very satisfied with COPIC. I have never worked with a company that is more responsive and supportive. Our providers respect and value the information and guidance they receive from COPIC.”

COPIC-Insured Facility Administrator

Key Services and Programs

COPIC insureds have access to a team of 8+ physicians, in-house attorneys, top defense counsel, specially trained medical professionals, and claims and HR specialists. The following are no-cost benefits included in your coverage.

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