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Overview of Document Categories

Some items are accessible only to COPIC-insured customers and require a username and password to search, view, and download them.Click to Login


Colorado's newsletter focused on risk management guidelines and articles that offer useful, practical insight for our insured customers.


Our newsletter to highlight issues related to our insureds and update you on the latest business news about COPIC.


COPIC's newsletter (for states outside of Colorado) that focuses on risk management guidelines with articles that offer useful, practical insight. Issues prior to 2018 were "Nebraska Copiscope" editions.

3Rs Newsletter

COPIC's newsletter focused on its 3Rs (Recognize, Respond and Resolve) Program and how insured customers can utilize this program when needed.

Financial Focus

COPIC Financial Service Group's newsletter that covers timely topics about business and personal insurance as well as financial services.

COPIC Hospital and Facility e-Newsletter

COPIC’s Facility e-Newsletter provides timely information specific to the needs of our COPIC-insured acute care and non-acute care facilities.


COPIC Tips offers physicians, health care professionals, and medical facilities valuable insight on relevant health care topics. Concise and informative, these "tips" are based on COPIC's 25+ years of experience in providing unparalleled protection and guidance to the health care community. 

These items are published quarterly in the Nebraska Medical Association's e-newsletter. Click on the article title below to view the COPIC Tip: