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COPIC's newsletter focused on risk management guidelines and articles that offer useful, practical insight for our insured customers.

  • Copiscope- Feb. 2023 (Issue 220)

    Informed Refusal Form • Minors & Risk • Understanding the Rise and Impact of Nuclear Verdicts • Medical Documentation That Matters • COPIC Educational Activities/Resources

  • Copiscope- Oct. 2022 (Issue 219)
    Terminating Patients • Shared Decision-Making When Standards of Care Evolve • Focus on Reducing Claims "Time to Resolution"
    Copiscope- Jul. 2022 (Issue 218)
    Managing Difficult Interactions with Patients • Screening for Cervical Cancer • Top Patient Safety Concerns for 2022
    Copiscope- Apr. 2022 (Issue 217)
    Making Urgent Care Safer for Patients • Early Disclosure and Communication After an Adverse Event • New Specialty Education Resources
    Copiscope- Jan. 2022 (Issue 216)
    Covered Proceedings Coverage • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome • Hospitalists and Malpractice Claims • Treating Family Members and Staff
  • Copiscope- Oct. 2021 (Issue 215)
    Syncope • When Providers Criticize Other Providers • Managing Patient Concerns About Wearable Device Data • New: PQ Insert
    Copiscope- Jul. 2021 (Issue 214)
    Information Blocking Rule • Patient Access to Medical Records and Amendments • Top Patient Safety Concerns for 2021 
    Copiscope- Apr. 2021 (Issue 213)
    Required Documentation for Working with PAs • Handling Unsolicited Test Results • Guidelines to Prevent Bile Duct Injuries During Cholecystectomy • Considerations When Using a Scribe
    Copiscope- Jan. 2021 (Issue 212)
    10 Things to Know About Telehealth • Diagnostic Errors: "The "Big Three" • Impact of Lawsuits on Medical Residents • Medical Guidelines
  • Copiscope- Oct. 2020 (Issue 211)
    Missed or Delayed Diagnoses of Non-COVID Conditions • Navigating Public Communications • Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2020
    Copiscope- Jul. 2020 (Issue 210)
    COVID-19 Resources • Reopening Medical Practices • Resuming Elective Procedures and Surgery • Physician Wellness Resources
    Copiscope- Jan. 2020 (Issue 209)
    Colorado Medical Board Rule 400 • Physician Burnout: Providers and Patients at Risk • When Should Aging Surgeons Stop Operating?
  • Copiscope- Oct. 2019 (Issue 208)
    Colorado's Professional Review Act • Dealing with Potentially Dangerous Patients • Colorado Candor Act Resources
    Copiscope- Jul. 2019 (Issue 207)
    Colorado Candor Act • Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for 2019 • Case Study: When Patient Demand Unnecessary Tests
    Copiscope- Apr. 2019 (Issue 206)
    Law Enforcement Interactions Guide • EHR Safety & Usability Resource Site • Handling Patient Requests for Emotional Support Animals
    Copiscope- Jan. 2019 (Issue 205)
    Missed Diagnosis of Infections • Specialty Focus: Emergency Medicine • Tipping Point of Sexual Harassment 
  • Copiscope- Oct. 2018 (Issue 204)
    Making Urgent Care Safer for Patients • Risk Management with Ultrasonograms • The 3Rs Program • Earn COPIC Points for Premium Discount
    Copiscope- Jul. 2018 (Issue 203)
    New Opioid Legislation • DORA Opioid Prescribing Policy • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program • Top Patient Safety Concerns for 2018 • COPIC Partners with Boomtown
    Copiscope- Apr. 2018 (Issue 202)
    Delegating to and Supervising PAs • Attorney Requests for Medical Records • Healing the Healer
    Copiscope- Jan. 2018 (Issue 201)
    Curbside Consults • Physician Defense Mistakes • After Hours Care/Coverage • Public Disclosure of Direct Pay Charges


Our newsletter to highlight issues related to our insureds and update you on the latest business news about COPIC.

Financial Focus

COPIC Financial Service Group's newsletter that covers timely topics about business and personal insurance as well as financial services.

  • Issue 68 February 2023
    New Director Named to COPIC Financial Service Group • Educate Your Workforce About Benefit Offerings • Changes in 2023 to Required Minimum Distributions
  • Issue 67 November 2022
    Your Path to Retirement • Frequently Overlooked Business Liability Risks • Affordable Group Dental Plans • Student Loan Forgiveness 
    Issue 66 August 2022
    Business Benefit from Outsourcing HR Services • Managing Investments During Turbulent Times • The Intersection of Health Care and Ransomware Attacks
    Issue 65 May 2022

    Power of Attorney documents • Disability Insurance: Income Protection for Key Employees • Colorado Auto-IRA Program updates

    Issue 64 February 2022
    Focusing on Clients' Needs • Cyber Vulnerability • Choosing the Right Financial Planner • Factors Behind Increase in Health Insurance 
  • Issue 63 November 2021
    Protecting Your Future Insurability • Designing Wealth-Generating Retirement Plans • Coverage for Employee Lawsuits
    Issue 62 May 2021
    Benefits of Umbrella Policies • Government Covered COBRA Premiums • Mandatory Auto-IRA Program • Email Fraud
    Issue 61 February 2021
    Review Your Data Breach Insurance •  SIMPLE IRA or 401(k) • 2021 IRA and Retirement Plan Limits Explained
  • Issue 60 November 2020
    Coronavirus and Stock Market Concerns •  Workers' Compensation Insurance • Designing Your Retirement Plan
    Issue 59 August 2020
    Minimizing Business Re-opening Risks • Retirement Plan to Meet your Goals • Planning Ahead for Life Insurance Proceeds • COPIC FSG's Collaboration with Delta Dental of Colorado • Impact of Natural Disasters 
    Issue 58 April 2020
    We Are Here for You • 401k Update: COVID-19 + Human Resources• Stay Diligent: Cyber Concerns• FAQs About Insurance Coverage During COVID-19• Global Markets After the Crisis
    Issue 57 February 2020
    Know Your Numbers: 401(k) Contribution and Catch-up Limits Increasing in 2020 • Don't Let 2020 Be a Hindsight Problem: Make Sure You Have Enough Data Breach Insurance Today! • Understanding IRAs • Group Dental Plans Available for Colorado Medical Society Members Through Delta Dental • Are You Thinking About Market Timing? Think Twice.
  • Issue 56 November 2019
    Colorado Dental Association and Colorado Medical Society Announce New Member Benefits • COPIC Financial Service Group Welcomes Brad Radochonski • What's the Ideal Annual Withdrawal Rate? • Take Advantage of a Complete Insurance Review • Can I Refinance My Student Loans?
    Issue 55 August 2019
    How to Save for Retirement and a Child's Education at the Same Time • The Business Benefit of EAPs • Understanding Long-Term Care Riders and Options • 2019 Health Care Data Breach Update  
    Issue 53 May 2019
    Does Your Office have Temperature Reliant Drugs, Vaccines, or Injectables? • Caregiving Stressors and Solutions • Does Your Practice Offer Life and Disability Insurance as a Group Benefit? • 5 Financial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    Issue 52 February 2019
    6 Tips for Handling Market Volatility • New Report Shows Trends for Cost of Health Insurance in Colorado • What Every Woman Should Know About Long-Term Care • When was the Last Time You Reviewed Your BOP and WC Policies?
  • Issue 51 November 2018
    Welcome John Hood • PEOs: 5 Areas to Ease Administrative/Compliance Burdens • 4 Tips for Long-Term Care Planning • A New Way to Manage Workers' Compensation Billing • Using Life Insurance Riders to Pay for Long-Term Care
    Issue 50 August 2018
    Best Wishes to Sue Swanson • Life and Disability Insurance for Vital Employees • Minimize the Impact of a Natural Disaster • Get in the Know: Flood Insurance • Saving and Investing Wisely for Retirement • Health Insurance Carriers Offering Tobacco Cessation Programs
    Issue 49 May 2018
    Social Engineering Fraud: Hackers Target Business Emails • Delta Dental's Right Start 4 Kids • How to Build an Emergency Fund and Long-Term Security • 529 Plans Can Ease Tax Burdens • Self-Funded Versus Fully-Insured Health Plans
    Issue 48 February 2018​
    Farewell to Andrea, and Welcome Aboard, John • 5 Ways the New Tax Law Will Impact Financial Planning • Workplace Activities Continue to Make Headlines • Changing Jobs? Know Your 401(k) Options • IRS Sets 2018 HSA Contribution Limits
  • Issue 47 November 2017​
    HSAs: What They ARE and What They are NOT • Data Breaches in the Headlines • 3 Financial Tips for Unmarried Couples • The Potential Power of Indexed Universal Life Insurance • The Ups and Downs of Health Insurance • End-of-Year Insurance Review
    Issue 46 August 2017​
    6 Tips for Data Breach Coverage • A Prescription for Financial Health • 2018 Insurance Plan Filings in Colorado • Q&A: Traditional 401(k) Rollover to a Roth IRA • October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month
    Issue 45 May 2017​
    6 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Finances • Two Ways to Protect Your Home from Wildfires • Know the Benefits of Tax-Advantaged and 529 Savings Vehicles • Overview of the Status of the ACA and AHCA • Renewing Your Lease: What to Know
    Issue 44 February 2017​
    IRS Extends Due Dates for ACA Information Reporting • 401(k) Fiduciary Liability • Employment Practices Liability Insurance • Active Portfolio Management

COPIC Hospital and Facility e-Newsletter

COPIC’s Facility e-Newsletter provides timely information specific to the needs of our COPIC-insured acute care and non-acute care facilities.


COPIC Tips offers physicians, health care professionals, and medical facilities valuable insight on relevant health care topics. Concise and informative, these "tips" are based on COPIC's 25+ years of experience in providing unparalleled protection and guidance to the health care community. 

These items are published quarterly in the Nebraska Medical Association's e-newsletter. Click on the article title below to view the COPIC Tip: