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Peer Review Resources

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Professional/Peer Review Resources for Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oklahoma

COPIC promotes peer (or "professional") review to improve medicine in the communities we serve. We have been a strong advocate of using this process as a tool for improving patient safety.

  • It's important for making sure a provider is qualified and safe to practice.
  • It's a way to learn from case reviews to avoid preventable harm for patients going forward.

Most physicians are aware of confidential peer review in the hospital setting but aren’t aware that their state law also protects peer review communications in the clinic and physician practice setting. Many physician groups discuss adverse events, patient complaints, challenging cases, or concerns about a colleague, but aren’t aware that these communications can be protected under the peer review privilege if a practice has peer review policies and procedures in place. To support this, COPIC’s Legal Department has developed the below state-specific peer review toolkits that contain:

  • A state-specific article explaining the legal protections for peer review and its practical application for physician practices and clinics
  • A Peer Review Checklist of what’s required (consistent with state and federal peer review laws)
  • A Confidentiality Agreement for peer review participants
  • Peer Review Policy templates that a practice can tailor to meet its needs

Please note: COPIC advises practices to have their own attorney review these materials.

Some of the materials below require a COPIC website username/password to access.

Peer Review Resources