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Aligning Our Values with Our Corporate Citizenship

COPIC continues to elevate, align, and enhance our corporate social responsibility efforts in the communities we serve. Corporate social responsibility at COPIC is directed in three ways: philanthropy, employee engagement, and community engagement.



    COPIC Medical Foundation

    The COPIC Medical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Since it was formed in 1991, it has provided more than $11 million to improving patient care and medical outcomes. Learn more about the COPIC Medical Foundation and its grantmaking initiatives.

    COPIC Humanitarian Award
    The COPIC Humanitarian Award is presented annually, in collaboration with state medical associations, to honor a physician for volunteer medical services and contributions to their community. The recipient of the award designates a $10,000 donation from COPIC to be provided to a health care-related 501(c)(3) organization within their respective state. Find out more about the COPIC Humanitarian Award, including nomination forms. Since 2001, through the Humanitarian Award, $540,000 has been donated to 49 health care nonprofits across 7 states.

    Employee Directed Donations Committee
    Each year, COPIC employees are provided the opportunity to designate a health care nonprofit to receive a donation from COPIC on their behalf at the holidays. In 2022, COPIC donated $30,000 through these efforts.


Employee Engagement

Events Committee
COPIC’s Events Committee connects employees with each other through a variety of internal events, from Lunch and Learns to holiday celebrations.

Culture Committee
The Culture Committee, made up of employees from across the company, works to identify and engage in efforts that will allow COPIC to maintain and build on the positive aspects of its culture, eliminate or move away from negative aspects and fine-tune our culture towards a vision in which we all feel comfortable, supported, respected and rewarded. Along with all employees of COPIC, the Culture Committee members serve as the ambassadors and champions for our culture initiatives, ideas and communication across the company. Learn more about COPIC's culture on our Careers page.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee
COPIC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee highlights and elevates COPIC’s efforts that demonstrate the company’s commitment to DEI.

Community Engagement

Volunteer Physician Program
COPIC provides volunteer physicians who deliver uncompensated medical care with medical professional liability insurance at no charge or a reduced cost (subject to state requirements). Find out more about our Volunteer Physician Program. Since 1996, COPIC has written $3.8M in premium in support of the Volunteer Physician Program. 

“Having the possibility to offer medical professional liability insurance to our volunteer physicians allows us to provide high quality care to underserved individuals who otherwise would not be able to have access to it. We have provided care to close to 2,000 patients and have improved medicine in the community that we serve thanks to the valuable product that COPIC offers.”                                            

Alexandra Neira, Interim Executive Director
DAWN, a free clinic in Aurora, CO that provides patient-centered
services to a diverse, underserved population

COPIC's Resident Rotation Program
COPIC helps prepare medical residents for challenges they will face as they enter a career in medicine. We annually host more than 200 residents for three-day rotations that provide active, case-based, educational experiences, and help residents and programs meet ACGME core competencies. In addition, we offer seminars that focus on life after residency, including our Practice Essentials program, a course about the business side of becoming a physician. Learn more about our Resident Rotation ProgramSince 2004, we have trained more than 2,400 residents. 

Community Board Service
Many of COPIC’s employees serve on nonprofit boards, city commissions, and advisory boards in the communities we serve across our seven-state region.

Community Action Team (CATeam)
The CATeam encourages employees to serve the community through participation in events and services that will enhance and develop our community. The CATeam coordinates the planning, administration, and evaluation of community programs that COPIC sponsors. 

CATeam projects include planting flowers at Doctors Care, providing gifts to families in need at Inner City Health Center, meal preparation at Ronald McDonald House, blood drives with Vitalant, and participating in the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance's race for awareness. In addition, annually employees have the opportunity to nominate nonprofits aligned with COPIC's mission to receive a donation from COPIC on their behalf. At our biennial Silent Auction, a nonprofit is the beneficiary of the proceeds raised. Since 2015, COPIC employees have volunteered nearly 2,000 hours and directed nearly $80,000 in donations.


 9 community events 242 employee volunteer hours

$7,200+ value of employee time given


  • COPIC Silent Auction benefiting Emmadity

  • Landscaping beautification project for Doctors Care


  • Filling backpacks with school supplies for Every Child Pediatrics

  • Giving Tree holiday gift drive benefiting Inner City Health Center


Civic 50 Colorado Honor

Since 2019, COPIC has been recognized as one of the 50 most community-minded businesses in Colorado by CSR Solutions of Colorado. This award recognizes superior corporate citizenship and showcases how companies can use their time, skills, and resources to impact local communities. We are proud to receive this distinction for our continuing efforts to connect our business values to improve medicine in the communities we serve.

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COPIC's Diversity and Inclusivity Ethics Statement

Respect — Equity — Openness

We are committed to showing respect and consideration for all, which includes courtesy, compassion, respecting diversity, and a commitment to listening to the ideas of others. We are committed to recognizing and appreciating the achievements and contributions of all, and to holding every person to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We are committed to being responsive and inclusive, to ensuring that avenues for communication are accessible to all, and to sharing information openly and honestly, consistent with our privacy and confidentiality obligations.
(A selection from CIC Ethics adopted by the Board of Directors, March 2016)