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Protection against cyber risks and data breaches

As electronic information and technology in health care continues to advance, so does our defense against cyber threats. COPIC provides an increased level of security through embedded cyber liability coverage in eligible policies. We also offer the ability to increase your limits for added protection against potential risks.

Health care is often a target for cyber crimes because of the sensitive information collected—Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and billing records. If a physician, medical practice, or facility experiences a privacy or security breach that involves confidential data, there can be substantial financial and reputational costs. COPIC's cyber liability coverage provides comprehensive protection in areas that are often targeted as well as resources designed to help prevent breaches and other cyber issues. This protection includes expert guidance to walk you through all the necessary steps in event you experience a data breach including patient notification, credit monitoring, investigation costs, and regulatory defense expenses. COPIC also allows you to increase the limits of liability within your existing coverage, a flexible option without the hassle of having to add a separate policy.  

To report a data breach/cyber liability incident, please call an occurrence specialist. You can also "Click to Report" to initiate a report through our Service Center.

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What are some common scenarios that COPIC's cyber liability coverage covers?

  • Unauthorized access of computer networks that leads to the destruction or theft of patient data.
  • A computer “virus” or cyber attack that impacts IT systems at your practice.
  • Regulatory defense costs related to a security breach that results in a HIPAA violation.
  • Patient support and notification services, and business interruption expenses that are needed after a privacy breach.
  • Reasonable and necessary expenses to replace a stolen laptop or restore a damaged computer system.
  • Cyber extortion as a direct result of a credible threat involving confidential information.
  • Income loss and interruption expenses as a result of system interruptions due to a cyber terrorism attack.
  • Fines/penalties levied by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council against merchants who are not PCI DSS compliant.

Access to Cyber Risk Management Website

We provide access to a risk management website with resources to help prevent and mitigate cyber risks. The website offers planning tools, sample policies, training resources, and more. Please note: you must be logged in with your username/password to access the site.

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