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Support from COPIC’s legal experts that helps you navigate complex issues in health care.

Health care abounds with rules, regulations, and added levels of requirements that are ever-changing. To say it’s a challenge to stay on top of these things is an understatement. 

COPIC Legal Navigator Services provides direct access to our expert attorneys and legal staff for education and information on complex health care topics. This support is available for insured physicians, group practices, medical facilities, and hospitals. 

Our goal with COPIC Legal Navigator Services is to help insureds understand how legal and regulatory elements impact their medical practice and eliminate uncertainty, so they can focus on patient care.

  • Our team knows these topics from decades of experience in working with medical professionals.
  • Expertise on both state and federal legal requirements.
  • We’ve done the research so you don’t have to spend time and resources trying to figure out the answers.
  • When appropriate, we provide referrals to outside counsel for one-on-one consultations. (Additional legal costs outside of your COPIC coverage may apply.)
  • COPIC has an extensive network of experienced defense attorneys across the states we provide coverage in.

State regulations and legal environments may limit the scope of availability of certain programs.

PLEASE NOTE: COPIC Legal Navigator 
is separate from the defense attorneys who work with insureds that are facing a medical liability claim or lawsuit and covered proceedings. Information provided is for general education purposes and not intended as legal advice or to provide practice standards. By providing this general legal information, neither COPIC nor its attorneys intend to form an attorney-client relationship with the policyholder or individual seeking information.

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