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Iowa Candor Law Resources

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The Iowa Candor Law establishes a framework for health care providers and facilities to address adverse medical incidents in a way that preserves the provider-patient relationship, allows for open communication, and supports improvements in patient safety. It is designed to benefit patients, their families, clinicians, and health care systems by formalizing a non-adversarial process where there can be open communication about what happened, why it happened, and what can be done to prevent this in the future. 

The Iowa Candor Law was the result of an initiative undertaken by the Iowa Medical Society (IMS). COPIC recognizes all of the efforts from IMS to gain support in getting the legislation passed unanimously and its work with other partners across Iowa's health care community.  

Below are several resources that provide details about the law, the Candor process, as well as sample templates of required forms. 

FOR THOSE INSURED BY COPIC: We will walk you through the Candor process and answer any questions you may have. As with all incidents, COPIC insureds should call a COPIC occurrence specialist nurse during business hours, 8am–5pm (Mountain time), Monday through Friday, by calling (720) 858-6395. The occurrence specialist nurse will evaluate the incident with our internal team to determine if it is appropriate to utilize the Iowa Candor Law.

Iowa Candor Law—General Resources

Iowa Candor Law—Consent and Other Forms

General templates of forms used during the Candor process for the health care community to download and use. PLEASE NOTE: All forms use the language required under the Iowa Candor law and any edits should be made and/or reviewed by the proper legal counsel.

Iowa Candor Law—Resource Toolkit

Templates of suggested language to use for Candor-related communications. These are provided by COPIC to members of the health care community to download and use.

Iowa Candor Law en Español (Spanish versions)