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Disable Pop-Up Blocker (Temporarily)

A majority of issues encountered on our Education website relate to a browser’s settings for blocking pop-ups. COPIC’s online courses launch in a separate window, which are considered pop-ups, to allow for the optimal viewing experience.

1.) Close any open browsers
2.) Open Mozilla Firefox
3.) Click the Firefox menu in the upper right-hand corner
4.) Click Preferences in the drop-down menu
5.) In the left-hand navigation, click Content
6.) Under Pop-ups, uncheck Block pop-up windows
7.) Restart browser


1.) Close any open browsers
2.) Open Mozilla Firefox
3.) Go to the History menu
4.) Select Clear Recent History
     a. If the menu bar is hidden, press ALT to make it visible
5.) From the Time range to clear menu, select Everything
6.) Next, click Details
7.) Select All Items
8.) Close the Firefox browser
9.) Restart the computer and visit the website you were having problems with