Guide to Medical Liability Insurance

Guide to Medical Liability Insurance

Insuring Your Life’s Work

Whether you’re a medical provider, practice leader, or health system administrator, you were probably drawn to health care because you’re passionate about medicine and helping others — not necessarily insurance paperwork and legalese. Dealing with medical professional liability insurance (MPLI), also known as medical malpractice insurance, can seem complex or overwhelming. Even so, finding the right MPLI carrier is an immensely important step because having the right policy and partner is key to minimizing risk, responding to incidents when they do happen, and resolving claims as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Our experts provide insureds with guidance on everything from informed consent and effective communication to difficult patient interactions and unexpected outcomes. Staffed by providers who handle more than 20,000 inquiries each year, COPIC is available to answer risk management and patient safety questions—including via a 24/7 hotline.
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