Our Story

COPIC Trust was founded in 1981 to provide a stable medical liability environment and to create a company with the interests of the health care community in mind. Prior to its founding, certain national insurance carriers decided to discontinue offering coverage in Colorado while others announced substantial price increases for their policies.

The physicians who formed COPIC set out with a vision to establish a company that was not solely committed to financial profits, but rather, was committed to working directly with its insured health care professionals, practices and facilities to provide trusted and affordable coverage. Today, the company still holds true to its initial ideals of acting ethically, honestly, wisely and for the benefit of its customers.

The majority of COPIC board members are physicians, representing a diversity of medical specialties, practice sizes and settings, and geographical areas. Additional board members are respected leaders from the business community with a strong background in health care.

Over the years, COPIC has earned the exclusive endorsement of the Colorado Medical Society and Nebraska Medical Association for medical professional liability insurance, and COPIC is exclusively endorsed by the Colorado Hospital Association as the medical liability carrier of choice for hospitals and facilities in Colorado. In 2016, we insured more than 8,000 physicians and over 150 hospitals and health care facilities in Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa.

COPIC Milestones

  • 1981 - Formation of COPIC Trust
  • 1984 - COPIC becomes a fully licensed and regulated Colorado insurance company
  • 1985 - COPIC Financial Service Group is formed to provide a broad range of personal and professional insurance and financial products for the health care community
  • Early 1990s - COPIC begins to offer educational seminars and workshops designed to improve communication and workflow among medical teams, and our Practice Quality nurse reviewers launch a program to visit all of our insured, office-based practices every two years
  • 1992 - COPIC Medical Foundation is created to provide grant funding for programs and initiatives that improve patient safety and quality of care
  • 1993 - COPIC develops its risk management discount program as a method of rewarding physicians who adhere to risk management guidelines and continue to expand their risk management knowledge
  • 1996 - COPIC begins offering medical professional liability insurance at no charge to eligible physicians who provide uncompensated medical care
  • 2002 - COPIC develops Level One Guidelines designed to reduce systems failures, improve documentation, and ultimately reduce avoidable adverse outcomes
  • 2002 - COPIC begins to offer medical professional liability insurance to physicians and health care professionals in Nebraska
  • 2007 - COPIC’s 3Rs Program (Recognize, Respond and Resolve) is recognized by The New England Journal of Medicine as part of the national transformation in how health care providers communicate with patients about unexpected outcomes.
  • 2010 - COPIC's week-long residency program for medical students surpasses more than 160 participants who attend sessions focused on patient safety and medical liability issues
  • 2011 - COPIC retains its "A (Excellent)" rating from A.M. Best, the leading insurance industry credit rating organization, for the 12th consecutive year
  • 2013 - COPIC forms a Risk Retention Group (RRG); owned by its members, the RRG provides liability insurance to providers electing to expand into other states and allows for flexibility, ownership in business decisions, and control over member selection


COPIC's Mission

To improve medicine in the communities we serve.

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Learn about COPIC and our mission to improve medicine in the communities we serve.


COPIC's Code of Ethics

  1. Integrity: We are committed to acting honestly, in accordance with external laws and regulations and internal policies, and in such a way that inspires trust and confidence in each other.
  2. Accountability: We are committed to producing the highest quality of work throughout the organization, taking responsibility for our actions, and avoiding potential conflicts of interest.
  3. Respect: We are committed to showing respect and consideration for all, which includes courtesy, compassion, respecting diversity, and a commitment to listening to the ideas of others.
  4. Fiscal responsibility: We are committed to using the Company resources appropriately and in managing these resources, we are responsible to the COPIC policyholders.
  5. Equity: We are committed to recognizing and appreciating the achievements and contributions of all, and to holding every person to the highest standards of ethical behavior.
  6. Openness: We are committed to being responsive and inclusive, to ensuring that avenues for communication are accessible to all, and to sharing information openly and honestly, consistent with our privacy and confidentiality obligations.
  7. Service: We are committed to providing the best possible service to our insureds.