COPIC Insurance

A proven partner that delivers

on its commitment to excellence

Our reputation is based on protecting the reputation of our insureds through trusted coverage, solid defense and unparalleled customer service. COPIC continues to work hard to earn the loyalty of our customers by offering the best options in medical liability insurance.

Our efforts extend beyond the policies we issue to include industry-leading programs and resources that support health care professionals and the challenges they face. It's an innovative approach that makes COPIC the right choice now and for the future.

Medical Professional Liability Insurance

COPIC offers a variety of coverage policies designed to meet your specific needs whether you're an individual physician, part of a group practice, or an administrator with a hospital or medical facility. If you are a current COPIC customer, login to view your account information in our Service Center.

Patient Safety and Risk Management

COPIC invests a larger share of its budget toward patient safety, quality improvement, and risk management resources than any other medical liability insurer in the nation. Our staff consists of trained medical professionals who understand the challenges of health care and know how to support health care professionals to reduce liability risk and improve internal systems.

Testimonials and Endorsements

Comments from customers we work with and endorsements by medical organizations are the best testaments as to why COPIC excels at what it does. In fact, more than 98% of our customers say they plan to renew their coverage with us.

Why Choose COPIC Insurance?

Deciding on a medical liability provider requires knowing the right questions to ask and understanding how companies work with their insured customers. For more than 30 years, COPIC has earned the respect of health care professionals and continues to strive beyond what other carriers provide.