2023 Just Culture Training

2023 Just Culture Training

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The Just Culture Certification Course

Virtual training on June 14, 21, 28, 2023 from 9am to 3pm MDT.

We struggle in today’s world to hold people accountable
in a fair and just manner when things don’t go as planned. Nowhere is this more evident than
in high consequence industries like healthcare, aviation, and power. We all want accountability,
but what does that look like when any mistake, any choice, could have devastating

This course explores this very question, and changes how industry leaders view the concept of justice. Synthesizing research from systems engineering, human factors, and the law, this course empowers leaders to make a difference. Leaders make an immediate impact upon returning to their organizations to improve investigations, reducing adverse events, and fostering a culture of curiosity, shared learning, and accountability.

Join The Just Culture Company
as we explore the core concepts that will become the foundation for your Just Culture. Become an expert in the Just Culture Algorithm™ – the tool that brings these ideas to life within your organization.

Who should attend:
Leaders interested in Just Culture as a means
to improve their effectiveness including:
• Human Resource Directors
• Operations Directors
• Safety Officers
• Risk Managers
• Other Departmental Leaders

With a Just Culture you can:
• Build a more accountable culture
• Improve operational reliability
• Meet regulatory expectations
• Reduce adverse events

This training is brought to you in partnership with COPIC.
Cost: $995

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