Coronavirus-COPIC Operations and Contact Info

Coronavirus-COPIC Operations and Contact Info

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Message from COPIC’s CEO, Dr. Gerald Zarlengo

On behalf of COPIC, thank you for everything you are doing to provide safe, quality health care to your patients and the steps you are taking every day to keep yourselves and your patients free from the COVID-19 virus. We do want to assure our policyholders and business partners that COPIC has taken steps to ensure we can carry-out full operations while staff is working remotely. We are here to support you and we will get through this together. 

November 3, 2020

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COPIC staff is working remotely, with limited staff on-site, to do our part to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Our switchboard is being staffed during normal business hours, Mon.–Fri., 8am–5pm (Mountain time).

Our office building is currently closed to any visitors except for scheduled appointments, essential deliveries and mail service. 

In compliance with current guidelines regarding social distancing, we have also canceled the on-site hosting of any third-party meetings through the end of the year.  

The numbers below are being provided to assist you in direct dialing the area you need. If you have been working with a specific staff member, you should continue to contact them on their direct line or via email.

Main Switchboard: (720) 858-6000 or (800) 421-1834
Main Fax: (877) 263-6665
24/7 Risk Management Hotline—For Urgent After Hour Calls: (720) 858-6270 or (866) 274-7511
To File an Incident Report: (720) 858-6395

Claims Department: (720) 858-6157
Corporate Marketing & Communications: (720) 858-6066
Credentialing: (720) 858-6160
Customer Support: (720) 858-6160
Finance/Accounts Payable: (720) 858-6073 or (720) 858-6080 
Human Resources/HR Services: (720) 858-6057
Legal Helpline: (720) 858-6030
Patient Safety & Risk Management Department: (720) 858-6396; Fax: (720) 858-6003 
Policyholder Billing Questions: (720) 858-6211 
Policyholder Services: (720) 858-6176
Public Affairs: (720) 858-6056 
Sales: (720) 858-6199
Website Support/Technical or Access Assistance: (720) 858-6160 

COPIC Financial Service Group: (720) 858-6280; Fax: (720) 858-6281

COPIC Medical Foundation: (720) 858-6060; Fax: (720) 858-6005