Iowa Candor & 3Rs Program

Iowa Candor & 3Rs Program

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A better way to deal with unexpected outcomes

Iowa’s Candor law went into effect in 2015 and offers a “communication and resolution” approach to deal with unexpected outcomes. The ideals behind Candor are embedded in COPIC’s expertise and our 3Rs Program, which was recognized by The New England Journal of Medicine and Health Affairs.

Candor (which stands for Communication and Optimal Resolution) is designed to support open discussions after unanticipated health care outcomes. It also focuses on strengthening relationships between physicians and patients, improving the quality of care, reducing medical liability lawsuits, and expediting resolutions, where appropriate. For more than 20 years, COPIC has served as a trusted advisor in dealing with unexpected outcomes. Our nationally recognized 3Rs (Recognize, Respond and Resolve) Program is seen as a benchmark in communication and resolution programs. COPIC's team knows how to evaluate incidents in a timely manner to determine if they are appropriate for Candor or 3Rs. And we work closely with providers to make sure they have a clear understanding of the options available and the support they need in dealing with every aspect of resolving an unexpected outcome.

*State regulations and legal environments may limit the scope of availability of certain programs.

COPIC is exclusively endorsed by the Iowa Medical Society and has worked closely to help support educational efforts on Candor for health care professionals. 

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