Practice Quality Program

We designed our Practice Quality program to provide fair, meaningful assessments and provide educational opportunities for practices to improve their operations and reduce risk within their business.

How do assessments work?

Our Practice Quality reviewers come to your practice location to meet with a representative from your practice and evaluate your practice's procedures using a set of detailed risk management guidelines known as Level One Guidelines. These guidelines include areas such as:

  • Information maintenance and accuracy
  • Systems review
  • Chart review
  • Specialty-specific questions

Results from a past study conducted on Practice Quality reviews showed a correlation between a higher level of practice's score and lower claims costs.

You will receive a printed summary from your reviewer of the results of your site visit. This facilitates discussion with your practice representative and encourages feedback and discussion with both your practice representative and your physician(s).

How does this assessment help me and my practice?

We believe in rewarding our customers for improving the care they provide. The assessment is intended to evaluate your areas of potential risk and help identify ways you can reduce risk in your practice's operations. It's a way to elevate day-to-day quality for your employees and your patients.

If your practice meets 100% of the Level One Guidelines for a site review, you will receive 2 COPIC points towards a "Preferred" premium rating. If you earn this rating, that means you're eligible for a discount on your annual premium. In addition, the review also gives physicians the opportunity to earn up to 15 CME credits.

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