Hospital and Facility Services

COPIC insures many acute care and non-acute care facilities. COPIC facility risk managers provide on-site educational programs for physicians, administrators and staff. Our risk managers assess facility services deemed high-risk and provide ideas for making systems safer for patients.

COPIC facility risk managers provide comprehensive consultations with risk managers regarding specific risk and safety concerns, and provide materials and resources for these facility managers to use in developing policies and procedures.

COPIC not only works to insure our clients but also to help assure safe health care practices by offering these value-added services:

All Facilities:

  • Introductory and re-introductory visits for those clients new to COPIC and new client contacts at existing COPIC insured facilities
  • Consultation on safety and risk issues
  • Educational presentations
  • COPIC Facility e-Newsletter
  • ECRI’s Healthcare Risk Control (HRC) or ECRI’s Operating Room Risk Management (ORRM), subscription underwritten by COPIC for those facilities that qualify
  • COPIC’s annual three-day Risk Management and Patient Safety Forum. The Forum includes educational tracts taught by local, state and nationally recognized speakers
  • Facility Assessment Tool using guidelines from The Joint Commission (TJC) and National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) for hospitals

Ambulatory Facilities Only:

  • Safety Risk Assessments (SRA) using COPIC Level 1 Guidelines and Patient Safety Goals directly derived from TJC and NPSG
  • Facility-specific AHRQ staff safety culture surveys
  • Facility-specific Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Our insureds can count on COPIC for practical, personalized and precisely-targeted assistance in managing their facility’s professional liability risks and improving patient safety.

Annual Patient Safety and Risk Management Forum

The annual Forum provides an opportunity for COPIC-insured facility risk management professionals to obtain education and resources regarding current risk management and patient safety issues. Participants attend seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects, from state and federal regulatory updates to clinical risk management and patient safety enhancements. Colorado and Nebraska participants from acute care and ambulatory health care setttings gain industry knowledge, practical resources and networking opportunities while attending the annual Forum.

Facility Patient Safety and Risk Management Resources

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Links to Professional Organizations

View a list of key organizations for hospitals and medical facilities that provide resources and support.​

COPIC Peer Review Network

Resource for insured Colorado hospitals

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Laura Dixon, BS, JD, RN, CPHRM

Director, Facility Patient Safety & Risk Management


800.421.1834, ext 6126

Stacy DeWire, RN, CPHRM

Colorado Ambulatory Facility Patient Safety & Risk Manager


800.421.1834, ext 6258

Patricia (Patty) Gould, RN, MSN, CPHRM

Senior Nebraska Physician and Hospital Patient Safety Risk Manager


Mary Eichler, RN, BSN, MJ, CPHRM

Colorado Patient Safety Risk Manager/3Rs Program Administrator


Charesse Hansen

Program Coordinator


800.421.1834, ext 6127

COPIC Facility e-Newsletters

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