3Rs Program - Recognize, Respond, and Resolve

When a patient experiences an unexpected medical outcome, they expect honest, open communication and sincere concern from his or her provider about the situation (including an apology when appropriate). In addition, a discussion of the steps that will be taken to prevent reoccurrence of the incident is appropriate in certain situations.

The goals of the 3Rs® Program—to maintain the physician-patient relationship, facilitate open and honest communication and disclosure, and reimburse the patient for related out-of-pocket medical expenses—have remained steadfast throughout the past eleven years.

How can the 3Rs Program help me?

Anytime a patient experiences an unexpected medical outcome or his/her family expresses frustration or dissatisfaction, the initial step is to report the incident as soon as possible by contacting an Occurrence Specialist at 720.858.6395.

A COPIC 3Rs Administrator will contact you to discuss the case in more detail and decide if the situation lends itself to 3Rs intervention. This early intervention is aimed at discussing an unexpected outcome or complication with your patient, and providing reimbursement of related out-of-pocket medical expenses and additional recovery time incurred by your patient due to the complication (without the determination of negligence).

The Administrator works with you and the patient to:

  • Provide training and instruction
  • Aid in physician-patient communication as necessary
  • Provide timely reimbursement to the patient
  • Maintain contact with you and the patient as needed
  • Provide notification of case closure

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