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COPIC Support for Insureds Impacted by the Marshall Fire

Jan 21, 2022

COPIC has created a financial assistance program for our insureds impacted by the devastating fires. COPIC is earmarking $75,000 for direct support of our policyholders and insureds who need assistance in connection with their ability to provide patient care. The program will reimburse eligible expenses up to $3,000 per practice/policyholder and up to $1,500 per provider. The support is offered regardless of if there are other means of recovery and our hope is that this can ease any immediate burdens insureds may be facing related to the impact of the Marshall Fire.

Examples of items for reimbursement (receipt/proof required):

  • —Purchase of webcams or other equipment to provide remote care. If you are in need of a webcam, COPIC does have a limited inventory on hand to distribute 
  • —Expense to use other/temporary medical office space 
  • —Purchase of additional general office/medical supplies damaged or unavailable
  • —Expense of overtime or replacements for staff that were personally impacted

Should you have an expense related to the Marshall Fire that COPIC can assist you with, please submit the following for consideration to customersupport@copic.com
  • 1) Proof/receipt of expense
  • 2) Explanation of need/expense
  • 3) Confirmation of who payment should be made to
  • 4) Completed W-9 (we can provide blank form if needed). Reimbursement will be reportable on a 1099.

Upon approval, COPIC will expedite a reimbursement payment. We hope that this aids in the recovery of the community and your ability to provide exceptional patient care. Please keep in mind that COPIC can also assist by offering a part-time credit, suspension of coverage, and/or defer your medical liability premium due date, if patient care has been reduced or temporarily suspended. In addition, we can also consider COPIC points relief for 2021.

We look forward to hearing from you if we can be of additional support.

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